Can I get my spark to run the cables and you put the ends on 1

Can I get my sparky to run the cables and you just put the ends on?

A question I often get asked is “Can I get my sparky to run the cables and you just put the ends on?”. I have only one answer… NO 

A quick disclaimer before I get into explaining why. I am referring to electricians as a generalisation; I am not saying all electricians cannot do Data Cabling. However, in my experience most do not give data cabling the respect it needs or have the necessary understanding. Otherwise, I have the utmost respect for what they do and do not fancy going anywhere near an electrical board!! 

Electricians (sparkys) spend the majority of their time working with big chunky copper cables and as long as they are connected together; electricity will flow through that copper. The same is not true for ethernet cables. 
It doesn’t matter how tight the bend is on the cable, the outer sheath of electrical cables is very robust. Ethernet cables are not. 

It doesn’t matter if that electrical cable runs next to another existing cable. It does for an ethernet cable, 50cm at least 100cm is better (we live and work in Cornwall some of the buildings are very old, sometimes it’s unavoidable… It doesn’t mean you can’t try!) 

It does matter what kind of electrical cable you use, 2.5mm, 4mm, etc (I couldn’t tell you which is better for what) the same is true for Data Cables, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A… Shielded, external grade, Cca rated, etc. Can your sparky tell you which grade of ethernet is better? Would fibre optic cabling be more appropriate? 

The majority of kit (the cable, ends, modules patch panels) your electrician will use will be purchased from an electrical wholesaler and be whatever brand that wholesaler resells. Whilst convenient, this kit is often not held to the same standards as communications manufacture. I have been called out to diagnose many a cabling fault, the workmanship varies but even when it’s been done well; changing the ends with our Ultima branded kit resolves the issue. Use the proper kit from day one, save yourself call-out fees and headaches later down the line. 

We provide a manufacturer-backed 25-year warranty for free on installations over 24 connections which means we are putting our name to the work. We take pride in our work and ensure it is done the right way from start to finish.