Why does CaddyConnect exist?

It isn’t easy being in hospitality, guests expect more and more. We exist to make your backbone of connectivity reliable. Enabling you to succeed, connecting you to your guests and your guests to you.

How do we do that?

Every day we follow our 5 guiding principles

  1. Be Honest – Always do the right thing. 
  2. Be Accurate and Rigorous – Always perform the task to the highest possible standard.
  3. Be Proactive – Use our tools and skills to resolve small issues before and when they arise before they become a big issue. 
  4. Communicate – Talk to everyone involved not just one person and always communicate what is happening, when it is happening. Make sure what is happening is fit for purpose. 
  5. Learn and Share – Every day is an opportunity to learn, when we learn share that with our customers to better enable their success.