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What is Proper Guest Wi-Fi?

Don’t tell your guests where they can use the Wi-Fi… give them total coverage

Similar to Data Cables it is a way of connecting different devices together and to the internet. Most homes have their Wi-Fi from their internet service provider (BT/TalkTalk/Zen), the “Hub” or router will normally provide pretty good coverage across the average home. In a pub/restaurant/hotel/holiday resort these “Hubs” are not going to do the job.

Why do we need Wi-Fi?

Most guests expect:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Fast Wi-Fi
  • To be able to use the Wi-Fi wherever they are

Your team need to:

  • Use their laptops
  • Take card payments
  • Take orders
  • Use tablets

Can’t anyone do it?

It may be true that anyone can put a Wi-Fi disc (wireless access point) on the wall (sometimes debatable) the positioning of them is so important and often underestimated. This becomes even more important when you have a large area to cover and multiple floors to cover.

Points to consider

  • What other signals exist already
  • Which walls are a problem
  • Which walls can be used to your advantage
  • What channels do your discs need to be on
  • Why do YOU want your Wi-Fi
  • What do YOU want your Wi-Fi to do

We will ask you some of the above and work some of the rest out to tailor your Wi-Fi to your building, your site, and your specifications. An in-depth site survey will be carried out both before and after any installations. These are vital to ensure complete coverage is achieved where you need it.

CaddyConnect has successfully configured 13 CCTV cameras and provided whole house and outbuilding Wi-Fi for my new build house in Cornwall.
Simon is a great guy to work with and really knows his stuff.
100% satisfied and would highly recommend!
Carl Pavey
Home Owner

Hourly Rate

For work on existing Wi-Fi systems

From £70 per hour

Day Rate

For work scheduled in advance for a day during normal office hours

£400 per day

4 Access point INSTALLATION

For the installation of a 4 access point system – there are many factors that will affect the price please use this as a rough guide

From £1,890.25

14 Access Point INSTALLATION

For the installation of a 14 access point installation – there are many factors that will affect the price please use this as a rough guide

From £4,785.26