Installing Cabling, Broadband, Wi-Fi, Phones, and CCTV for Hospitality in Cornwall

Connected Success

  • Stop feeling embarrassed
  • Reduce downtime 
  • Stop being frustrated
  • Increase guest spend 

Focus on your guests

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Why hospitality is choosing CaddyConnect

All the devices on your network must talk to each other and communicate like a well-oiled machine. All too often networks are forgotten about leaving you feeling embarrassed and frustrated when things don’t work properly.

You shouldn’t have to feel like this!

Join our Connect Success program, feel confident and focus on the guest experience (instead of trying to connect your tablet to the Wi-Fi for the 10th time today)

Your Connect Success journey starts with your physical cables. We know few buildings in Cornwall had ever been designed with cabling in mind but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done right. Have they been run properly by a professional that understands that it makes a difference to your guests?

Then you need to look at your broadband, does it allow you to do EVERYTHING you are asking of it? What happens WHEN it fails, can you operate without the internet?

After these first two are nailed down its time to think Wi-Fi, everyone expects to have access to it, everyone expects it to work… everywhere… all the time. No longer can you throw a disc (access point) on the wall and hope for the best. No one wants to deal with room 10 when they phone down to say they can’t get on the Wi-Fi in their room.

Now its time to go back and think about how many people prefer to deal with you and get answers quickly… your phone number. How does that work? Does it work? Does it work where you need it to? Phone systems don’t have to cost the earth but they do need to work to enable your Connected Success.

CCTV is everywhere, it has become almost as expected as Wi-Fi. When a guest says, ‘I lost my wallet in the bar last night, I had it at the bar but I don’t think I had it after that.’ Can your team easily access the recordings to track that guests’ movements and find where they lost their wallet and reunite them?

The final stage of your Connected Success journey is to monitor your new and improved network. Technology doesn’t stand still and it doesn’t last forever. Your set up is designed for you and unique to you, it needs constant tender loving care to keep it that way.

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