I want to talk to real people not submit tickets!!

We at CaddyConnect handle support a little differently to a lot of tech service providers. We understand that you are busy and when you’ve got a problem you need help with, the statement “you need to send an email to support@genericlybadcustomerservice.co.uk” isn’t helpful! Stress levels go up… anger rises… the red mist descends.

But what is a ticket and are they even important? Don’t get me wrong, ‘tickets’ are important… but not for you they are for us. Us techy lot use them to keep track of issues to; make sure things don’t get missed, that they get followed up and your problems get solved. Think of them as a task that needs to be done, our ‘ticketing systems’ help us to automate certain aspects of the job like making sure a Wi-Fi issue is assigned to a Wi-Fi engineer or a CCTV issue is assigned to a CCTV engineer. We can also make sure urgent faults are given priority over smaller issues (on this note we are also well aware that even a small issue will become urgent if not dealt with in a timely manner).

So, we do use a ticketing system to log your issues and help US deal with them, but that doesn’t mean you have to go through the wringer to get an issue resolved. You can report issues however you feel most comfortable, if that is by email then by all means help@caddyconnect.co.uk is your go-to. If you prefer to talk, so do we, call 01209 20 50 50 there is always someone in Cornwall ready to take your call, and follow our process for logging and resolving said fault.

If an issue is ongoing, we will proactively contact you, by phone, to give you an update. We prefer to do this rather than you feel like you have to ‘chase’ for updates and resolution. Even if there is no update/resolution, we’ll call you just so you know we are still pushing to get you up and running at full capacity.