Data Cabling Brands

The Brands We Use and Why We Use Them – Data Cabling

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What do they supply?
All of our data cabling, Cat6, Cat6A and Fibre cable. All the ends, connectors and patch leads.

What are we to them?
Ultima Certified Installers

Why Ultima?
Ultima offer and backs their own 25 year warranty, as Ultima Certified Installers this means we can offer peace of mind to our customers. Their hardware is very, very reliable, the support from the distributor is second to none.

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What do they supply?
Network Switches (the boxes all the cables connect to and connect all your devices together)

What are we to them?
Registered Certified Partner

Why D-Link?
D-Link offer a wide range of products. Their price point is competitive. Most of their switches come with a lifetime warranty.

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What do they supply?
Routers (the bit that connects your world to the rest of the world)

What are we to them?
Authorised DrayTek Dealer and DrayTek Certified Network Administrators

Why DrayTek?
Reliability. That’s it, and that is all that matters for a router. It needs to work and keep you connected.

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